Is more better?

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Tuesday, November 1, 2005 - ORONO, ME

Dan Rather asks, "You need to ask yourself: Is more better..." It seems that Dan may have slept through economics 101 at Sam Houston State. Dan's complete argument became more clear when he said, "News is something people need to know which someone, somewhere, doesn't want them to know. All the rest is advertising."

As economists, we can all agree that more IS better, for all normal goods, and in general truthful (Dan are reading this?) information is a normal good.

So what are the market solutions to solve Dan Rather's request to improve the quality of the news? More competition? Remove barriers to entry? Do Blogs do both of these things?

1 Comment

That guy is such a dumbass. Did Dannie want us to know that the documents were forged?

No, he still believes that they were real! He can't even spell "Microsoft Word".


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