What is your blog worth?


My blog is worth $63,228.48.
How much is your blog worth?

We will be sending you each a bill. Thank you.

This is a funny calculation done by the Business Opportunities Weblog using data from Technorati and certainlny does not represent the actual market value of every blog. They calculate the value using the ratio of Truck And Barter's traffic to Weblog, Inc.'s and assign that portion of the (up to) $40 million AOL paid for Weblogs, Inc. It comes out to about $3.00 per average monthly visitor.


Well, it says my blog is worth about $14,000 plus. But, I believe my blog is worth more than that. Because, the mileage of my blog is more than most blogs rated above my blog.

My blog has more visitors than links. Most of my visitors don't have sites. Blogging is still alien in my country Nigeria. So, they just visit and go.

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