India and Krugman

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An amusing contrast at the end of Tom Friedman's latest:

The dirty little secret is that India is taking work from Europe or America not simply because of low wages. It is also because Indians are ready to work harder and can do anything from answering your phone to designing your next airplane or car. They are not racing us to the bottom. They are racing us to the top....

Yes, this is a bad time for France and friends to lose their appetite for hard work - just when India, China and Poland are rediscovering theirs.

Paul Krugman is on vacation.

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That's strange. I seem to remember rampant inflation, labor unions demanding and receiving an almost automatic 10% wage hike plus benefit increases annually, strikes that shut down the steel industry, the automotive industry and the transportation in... Read More


While Krugman's on vacation, I'll bet we could get an Indian columnist to string together economic fallacies for a fraction of the price.

I saw that too and thought it was well worth the free laugh.


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