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This is a somewhat odd story from the Boston Herald:

An Ivy League economics professor, of all people, should know that a market economy is based on the principal of paying for goods and services.

But Martin Weitzman, Harvard University's Ernest E. Monrad Professor of Economics, allegedly got caught in the act of swiping a truckload of horse manure Friday, police said.

``You'd think he'd know better,'' Rockport horse farmer Charlie Lane said.

``We had to go up there and put a lock on the gate. He was in there when my stable manager got there,'' Lane said.

The stable manager, Phillip Casey, penned Weitzman's truck in and called the cops.
``He offered $20 to let him go,'' Lane said. ``Phillip said no, and he offered $40. Phillip still said no.''

Weitzman, 63, of Gloucester, is charged with larceny under $250, trespassing with a motor vehicle and malicious destruction of property under $250 for tearing up some land with his tires, police said.

He didn't return a call to his office.

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We should have expected this - A Harvard Economist should know that there's no such thing as a free lunch. However, he got caught trying to steal a load of horse manure. I know, it's too easy, since folks outside the university view a lot of us facul... Read More


No more coals to Newcastle, no more manure to Harvard...

the queer thing about this story is that economists are harvard are so full of shit to begin with, it's tough to see why one would need MORE.

He should just pay for it.


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