Have We Brought Kevin Down?

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In more of the navel gazing that I like to engage in, I note here that T&B seems to have eluded the notice of this Baltimore Sun article (found via Cafe Hayek) that makes particular mention of George Mason University-associated weblogs.

George Mason tuition is $8,000 a year for out-of-state undergrads, but the considered thoughts of two of its most interesting professors - Tabarrok and co-blogger Tyler Cowen - arrive daily for free on Marginal Revolution. Fairfax, Va.-based Mason, in fact, has become a hub of libertarian economics blogging.

Of course, this might be due to the fact that this group blog isn't made up entirely of GMU-associated folks. So, despite possibly helping improve Kevin's marginal product, we may well be a drag on his inexorable process towards fame. Or at least what passes for it among the econo-blog crowd.

Well, I am taking a class there now, so maybe that will help some...

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Apparently, Mr. Hancock though graduate students weren't relevant (are grad students "economists"?), since the Baltimore Sun ignored T&B, Corner Solution, Common Knowledge, and The Filter^...


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