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I really should thank one of my neighbors for leaving their wireless network open for me to hop on. My own internet access went from poor before a technician "fixed" it the other day to very bad this morning to nonexistent this afternoon. I could be irritated that the problem wasn't fixed after the first visit, but the prompt service from Comcast has helped keep me calm.

Ian has posted his thoughts on Muni wifi. Carrying on some of his thoughts as I freeload on my neighbors, I am somewhat impressed by Comcast's prompt service in addressing the problem even though it's not fixed. Why some people think that government is best at delivering services is beyond me. If I was on a government network, it's not a wild guess that it would not be the next day that a technician is sent to my apartment to address the matter. After all, if in countries with socialized medicine the waiting lists lasts more months, how long long would it take to get a technician to fix my cable modem?

As Ian points out, Muni wireless does nothing to enhance competition and would mostly likely reduce broadband offerings. It's hard to compete with free, although AOL seemed to against the likes of NetZero. Right now, I'm happy somebody left their wireless network open. Thankfully, there is another provider besides Comcast in the area.

Edit: I forgot to say that while I should thank my neighbors for the free bandwith, it may cause them to close it down. It's better to have a backup,

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Taking my dog for a walk, I'll take along my PDA with Wifi. On my block alone, there are 8 wireless networks, two of which are open.

I've thought about putting a high gain wi-fi antenna on the roof, using one of those motorized aimers that some people use for their TV antennas. Then I could go from open network to open network and not wear out my welcome.

Nah, DSL is too cheap to hassle with getting on the roof and wiring it up.


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