my incompetence with Movable Type


I got confused about how Movable Type works, forgetting that "save" by default means "publish". Thus I have now published two copies of an early draft (broken HTML and all) of something I wasn't sure that I wanted to publish anyway.


original version: I have spent twenty minutes or so trying to figure out how to make them go away, with no success so far except deleting the "entries" and a correct (I hope) understanding of what happened (and that a published article is evidently a separate copy of the "entry" it was made from). If someone wants to take mercy on me, please feel free to delete the published articles. Meanwhile, I'll probably continue trying on my own for a while.

updated and hopefully-final version: They seem to be gone now, yay. Perhaps someone took mercy on me (but didn't send an email?) or perhaps they were in fact deleted when I deleted the entries, and I was having some sort of (cache?) problem which kept me from seeing the change on the main Truck and Barter page.


Hey there. You can change the default save status in your configuration from Publish to Draft if you like. Then, at the bottom of every new entry, you will find a status dropdown which you can set to publish right before you're ready to save and have it appear on your site.


Very interesting site, beautiful design, thank.


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