It's that time of year again...

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For those of you who are into the whole b-ball thing this might be of interest: the Dancecard Rankings from Jay Coleman and Allen Lynch (the link for Allen Lynch on the page is his email -- not using it because I don't think we need to increase his chances of receiving spam).

I'm more of a football and lacrosse guy myself, but from this perspective, I can get into just about any sport. I know baseball is usually the sport that attracts people fascinated with data work, but I think that area's pretty well covered. Anyone with good data sets for college lax and can send me a file/link is up for a beer or several if you're ever in the DC area....

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Jay Coleman of the University of North Florida and Allen Lynch of Mercer University are statisticians who jointly developed the Dance Card statistical model, which predicts which teams will receive at-large NCAA bids with great accuracy. Now, using the... Read More


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