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Speaking of Comcast, although Bob notes their quick service compared to socialized medicine, I find their advertising, which is regularly mailed to me and reproduced at left, annoyingly deceptive.

Frankly, who really cares about the $1 for one month gimmick? What's the bottom line? How much will the basic & digital cost me, after all taxes, every month. The fine print offers no assistance to the snarky consumer:

Offer applies to Full Basic and Digital service for $1.00 per month for 1 month. After promotional period, regularly [sic] monthly rates apply.
Of course, it is impossible for Comcast to list all of its prices in print advertising, given the plethora of options and plans.

They have much better pricing options online. Just entering your address brings up all the monthly rates, but does not include applicable "franchise fees, taxes and other fees" that "may" apply.

Of course, most retail establishments do not list after-tax prices, but then final prices are obvious, as sales tax on retail goods and services is a standard flat percentage, depending on type of the good or service in question.

Companies selling goods that have multiple taxes, fees, and other charges -- like telephone, cable tv, and airlines -- can always insist that it is not their fault that the tax schemes are so complicated, but I'm not so sure the mess is to their disadvantage...

I forgot to mention that I must also thank my neighbors in our large condominium building for leaving their wi-fi networks open. As far as I know, it's illegal to run your cable TV wiring into your neighbor's home, but of course, it is not illegal to run your wi-fi internet through your neighbor's wall... what happens iif TV becomes available on demand through your internet connection?

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Lol, I don't disagree about the tax thing, but there is another positive reason to have Comcast service; That $1 special offer may be permanent. About 10 months ago, I received one of those calls saying signup for the movie channels and we'll give em to for a reduced rate for six months. Well, I'm still getting them for $15 a month as opposed to $45 a month. I wouldn't get any of them at 15$ each or all three for $45, but at a significant discount I'll keep em since a friend of mine is on one of the HBO shows. So you never know, that 1$ may be permanent.


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