Closer to Drilling in ANWR

Well, that was close: 51-49.

"This is more than a battle over the wildlife refuge," Mr. Kerry said in a statement. "It's a battle over two very different visions of our energy future. The president has a plan to sell off our public lands to the special interests that his own scientists and economists admit will not make us less dependent on foreign oil and will not lower prices at the pump."
Mr. Kerry is right. Oil is a special interest. So are the environmental groups. So? ANWR drilling will not make America more or less dependent on foreign oil, and will not raise or lower gasoline prices. But it will give a quite a load of money to Alaskans.

Of course, all these informative points are really, really besides the useful (political power) point, which is that it seems the oil interests have bought off enough politicos to actually make this happen.

I'd like to know how much of this rent seeking is social cost versus pure transfer to politicians...


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