Libertarian whaaAAA?!?

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Catallarchy outs the Libertarian Mail Order Bride.

Clearly, another example of the power of decentralized organization and information sharing.

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Well, it turns out that one of my daily blog reads, Libertarian Girl, is a fake, outed by Catallarchy. Read More

Tacky Jacquie from Eternal Recurrence on February 14, 2005 3:51 PM

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At least Mark Twain impersonators were good at pretending to be Mark Twain. The person formerly known as Libertarian Girl is just so pathetic. Does the Russian Viktoriya have any legal remedy for defamation or use of copyrighted property?

Wouldn't it be funny if the Russian girl ended up finding a husband because of the hubbub and links? I wouldn't be surprised if at least one of the people reading the related posts was in the market for a Russian bride..

I think she's Ukranian, but that's no real matter.

I always eye those things with a bit of skepticism. The kind of woman who might use pictures of herself in a very short skirt to attract a man she's never met in person strikes me as the kind of woman who wouldn't be averse to simply using her looks to find a man closer to home. Which just makes me wonder if the pictures are false, or if something else is going on. Of course, there could just be a shortage of even passable men where these women live. I make no judgements. I believe market structures work in a lot of places -- I just know the hazards of imperfect information.

Ah, yes, Ukrainian, my bad, Would explain the funky spelling of her name?

Actually, according to my wife, in the former Soviet Union there is a shortage of non-alcoholic and non-cheating men who now make or will make a decent living that they willing share with their wives.

Now, it's hard to separate out the root cause--alcohol, cheating, low incomes, dishonesty, or other--but my bet is on the sheer hopelessness and dreariness of these women's lives.

Now it's possible that some of these women will stay with an American or European man who orders them over the internet, but my prior belief is that it's far more likely that once these women permanent residence or citizenship or a good job with a work visa or a better man, they'll split.


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