Just One Word: Nanotechnology

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Not being a long-time watcher of the energy industry, I'm not sure whether this sort of pronouncement comes along routinely, only to fizzle out, or if it might have some serious implications:

Breakthrough in solar photovoltaics

THE HOLY Grail of researchers in the field of solar photovoltaic (SPV) electricity is to generate it at a lower cost than that of grid electricity. The goal now seems to be within reach.

A Palo Alto (California ) start-up, named Nanosolar Inc., founded in 2002, claims that it has developed a commercial scale technology that can deliver solar electricity at 5 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Also, I may be guilty of finding those things that support my pet theories. Namely, that the next real shift in energy isn't going to be finding a single, marvelous source of energy to replace coal or oil, but rather we'll see a hodgepodge of other sources made far more economical by breakthroughs in manufacturing as a result of nanotechnology.

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Lynne Kiesling Over at Truck and Barter Ian cook has a post on a new nanotech solar achievement. This company claims to have used nanotech's self-organizing properties to get the cost of generating power using solar energy to 5 cents... Read More


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