Tsunami and Human Stupidity

Maldivian opposition newsmagazine The Dhivehi Observer had the following satirical joke related to the tsunami disaster that struck the Maldives and the region on the December 26th 2004.

On 26th Dec '04 early morning several hrs before the catastrophe happened, Honolulu Tsunami Monitoring centre have been trying to call our Meteorological Dept. monitoring centre at Male' International Airport, Hulhule but failed. They also got in touch with President's Office however it was informed that he's out of the island on a private vacation.

Finally they called Defense Minister's office, but Defense minister was out on his morning meeting. Thinking at least it's best to keep him vigilant on this, the Honolulu officials left the message with the person who picked up the phone to inform Defense Minister that there's a Tsunami coming from Indonesia.

On Defense Minister's return, the operator told Defense Minister Hon. Shafeeu about the call, said Mr.T. Sunami from Indonesia is arriving in 2 hrs. Defence Minister promptly took action to send a delegation to Male' International Airport with name boards ' Welcome Mr. T. Sunami � Indonesia�

Across in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the BBC reported, an Indian helicopter dropping food and water over the Islands was attacked by tribesmen using bows and arrows. The Indian government was relieved saying that the attack was a sign that they survived.

May be humans should learn from animals.


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