Dennis Rodman on Ebay

Dennis Rodman has pitched in to raise funds for tsunami relief by auctioning off a weekend in Las Vegas with the Worm himself. From the LA Times:

Surf City's Dennis Rodman is on the auction block.

"The Worm," a former NBA rebounding champ known for his body piercings and notorious parties as much as his skills on the court, put himself on eBay on Monday as part of a charity drive for tsunami relief.

"Celebrities are looking to do their own thing, I think this is a perfect fit for Dennis," Rodman's agent Darren Prince said.

The top bidder in the "High Roller Fantasy" auction would win an all-expense paid weekend trip to Las Vegas with Rodman. His publicist, Shannon Barr, said the trip would likely be a wild excursion where the winner could end up dining, gambling and visiting strip clubs with the Worm.

"I hope it's a man because Dennis is just debauchery," Barr said.
LA Times:

It's nice that he is in the spirit to help his fellow man, in more ways than one.


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