More GMail Invites to Give Away


For those that are interested, I've got 6 more GMail invites to dole out.

Leave a comment if you're interested.


Thank you very much.

Hi -

Pretty please? It'd be great to have...

Thanks in advance!



Love to have one (if you haven't given them all out yet, that is).

Thanks in advance!

Maybe I'm late on this (simply don't have time to check blogs everyday), but I'd appreciate one if the offer is still standing. Also, any clue as to why some of the blog text is not visible? Everytime I come here I have to right-click and highlight the entire blog in order to make all text visible. Cheers.

Brad -- the invite is sent.

As for the screen rendering--I'm not sure. I do know what you're talking about though. I use FeedDemon to read Blogs and News, and the rendering in the little browser that is uses to display sites has the same problem.

I'm guessing that it has something to do with the way your browser is rendering text. I'd suggest downloading Firefox and using that instead. It's just a much better browser all around.

Yes, I am working on the browser problem now. Many thanks for the invite. Cheers.

I adjusted the line-height option in the stylesheet, and no longer have problems reading the blog using IE.

Please let me know if you're still having difficulties.

was wondering if you still had gmail invites would love to have thanks if you do if not thanks any way


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