EasyJet Conquers Geneva & Basel; Withdraws from Zurich

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Last year, we noted that Geneva airport was cheaply remodeling an old terminal for EasyJet. Air France, KLM and Lufthansa were... upset, to say the least. However, the courts and boards keep ruling in EasyJet's favor. Still, using legal maneuvers, Air France has managed to delay the opening of the new terminal from November 1, 2005 until the middle of 2006.

Not counting on complete success at Geneva, EasyJet is opening a new hub in Basel:

�EasyJet is already the largest airline at Geneva airport and this deal will make us the largest airline at [Basel's] EuroAirport,� said easyJet chief executive Ray Webster in a statement issued on Thursday.
In that statement, the company calls for consumers to email them their most preferred new destinations out of Basel.
easyJet is in the process of negotiating a number of new routes from the airport, but is also inviting consumers to suggest where, within Europe, they would like to travel and why. Consumers can post their suggests to a special email address wohinvonbasel@easyjet.com or debalevers@easyjet.com. Those whose recommendations match the destinations chosen by easyJet will enter a draw of 1,000 free tickets to fly on the new routes during the Summer.

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