Canada Tightening Hold on Internet Pharmacies

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Canda's Health Minister might be trying to strike a fatal blow to the Canadian industry that sells pharmaceuticals across the border to the US.

Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh may prevent Canadian doctors who do not personally examine U.S. patients from signing prescriptions written by American physicians, a move that could essentially kill the industry. Dosanjh may also create a list of widely used prescription drugs that cannot be exported.

Looks to me like the question of drug reimportation isn't going to be settled by US policy-makers.

1 Comment

This just confirms what I have been saying. The law of supply and demand applies to drug reimportation. The Canadians realize that if Americans are allowed to buy Canadian drugs, demand will increase beyond supply, and there will be severe shortages.

I must say that I am impressed that the Candians realize this. Good for them. The exceeded my (very low) expectations.


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