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I realize not much has been going on here at T&B, but at Always Low Prices we've been discussing everything from RFID to WM selling anti-WM books to the firing of high-ranking executives for alleged misconduct.


So now Wal Mart is screening for those "unhealthy" souls who pose a risk to their workforce. These people, many times unable to control their health situations, must now contend with this new form of "genetic selection". If you are going to do this, Wal Mart, why stop at the overweight and smokers? Just post a required menu that your employees may eat, and make them sign a contract that excludes unhealthy living, such as handgliding, motorcycle riding, driving too fast. Furthermore, if Wal Mart finds that more whites are healthier than say black folks, just hire the whites. Better yet, just the ones who look like those doing the hiring. This was all tried in the 1930's and 40's by Aldof Hitler...didnt work then, but hey, maybe the Wal Mart team can pull this off.


Did you even read the memo??? Where did you get the idea that Wal-Mart is NOW screening for the unhealthy in the manner you discuss, or even PLANNED to "screen" at all? Why would they want to spend money? Ms. Chambers argued that they could just change job content, and let the incentives play out. That's what Hitler did? Really???

Next time, try Henry Ford, who actually enacted such a "selection" monstrosity in order to qualify for his $5 day.

Walmart did not start this deal, Kmart and other were doing it when Sam W. was pushing MADE IN USA. They didn't start it, BUT THEY ARE FINISHING IT.

The US factories are closed the Mom and Pop stores are gone, the small and weak chains have left.

This country has got into a position that without Walmart we wouldn't have that many options.

Free trade, Low wages have played well in the Bush camp. Prices are down, Jobs numbers are staying up.


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