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Anyone interested in an @gmail address? I've got 6 to give out, and am doing so on a 1st come/served . Leave a note in the comments section with the email address I should send the invite to, or send a note to ian ~ at ~ "this site" ~ dot ~ com.

UPDATE: They're all handed out as of 11:13 AM Dec 22, 2004. Thanks so much for playing. To those who got them, enjoy. To those who missed out, I'm sure there will be more on the way.


It would be much appreciated. I would prefer something similar to the yahoo address like 'dylan_817' or 'dylan817'. Thanks for the invite! gmail invite

if there is still is one left, I would really appreciate it...thanks

Thats a neat way of getting normally reticent T&B readers to comment. I see why businesses like to have fake surveys, product registrations, and the like...

Thanks!!! Also, great blog (even for a non-econ guy)!

If there is one left, I'd appreciate the freebie!

i have 50 invites left. just email me for one


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