Wal-Mart's Next Victims

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On this page, Forbes introduces its analysis of WM's next commercial victims, after its pummeling of Toys R Us. Click for a slideshow of the 5 next big ones:


Of particular interest is how WM is becoming an ever larger retailer of gasoline:

There are 1,555 stations on Wal-Mart properties, 300 of which are operated directly by Wal-Mart's warehouse arm Sam's Club and the rest by third-party vendors like Murphy USA. Launched in 1996, its pumps already have a 3% share of U.S. retail gas sales--the tenth largest in the U.S. As Wal-Mart's share grows, the only question is whether Wal-Mart will oust its vendors and go it alone.

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Lynne Kiesling Over at Truck and Barter, Kevin has a post on Wal-Mart's next victims now that they've stomped all over the large toy store model. One of the next victims that Forbes names is retail gasoline. Retail gasoline is... Read More


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