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Thought this was interesting: Mobile phones take over in India

The number of mobile phone subscribers grew by 1.4 million to 44.9 million last month, overtaking the 43.9 million registered land line users, TRAI said.

As a dedicated mobile-phone only user myself, I can certainly see the attraction in moving from nothing straight to mobile. More interestingly, however, there is a good reason the speed of uptake is so dramatic:

Mobile services have expanded dramatically in many developing economies, with consumers by-passing slow state-run fixed-line operators to sign up for cheaper cellular services instead.

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Cheap is an understatement. In India (and China) for that matter... I for a little under 10 dollars a month, you can get a functional multimedia enabled phone with an insanely large number of minutes. The grey market thrives (and should rightly be allowed to thrive considering the revolution its causing)... and in general... Indian's REALLY love to talk :-)


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