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Being new to the Blogosphere, Kevin's warm welcome and invitation to participate here at Truck & Barter is fantastic! This sort of mass participation and public education is the Internet I remember from the 80's.

I am taking an entrepreneurial hiatus to return to The Ohio State University. I am finally finishing a B.S. in Business Management specializing in Economics. This is only a prelude to law school. As a mere undergraduate student, I hope that I can bring some classroom lessons and perspectives here for an honest interpretation. Being a political conservative my views are rarely welcome at my liberal school.

I have taken a particular interest in macroeconomics and I will be heavily engrossed in economics courses for the next few quarters.

I am keeping my non-economic thoughts on my personal blog at My Street.

Thank you to Truck & Barter for this excellent forum and thank you to the readers for indulging our interests.

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