Product Review: Domino's Doublemelt Pizza

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We usually order pizza from a local place; it's not New York's finest, but it serves as a fine proxy. But the idea of thin crust and multiple layers of cheese sounded interesting, so tonight my wife and I ordered a doublemelt pizza from Domino's:

Domino's Doublemelt starts with a thin crust, covered in a creamy blended cheese sauce full of herbs and a hint of garlic. A second thin crust is added and topped with the basics � tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and choice of toppings. To top it off, another blend of six cheeses is added.

"This unique combination creates a texture unlike anything you've ever tasted in a pizza before, with layer upon layer of flavor," said Ken Calwell, executive vice president, for marketing & development at Domino's Pizza.

The inner layer was certainly unique--uniquely terrifying, that is. This was more than a "creamy blended cheese" concoction.
Inspired by the success of similar pizzas in international markets, Domino's Doublemelt offers a new option for those looking to double their pizza enjoyment.
This option did not double our enjoyment, it nullified it.

Avoid at all costs.

1 Comment

Avoid at all costs?? this pizza is delicious. this is coming from a picky eater mind you. I think your review is horrible and should be changed, I suggest everyone to try this pizza if it is still around.


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