No Drug Reimportation? I know...Blame Canada!!


(Of course, now I have the song going through my head.)

Realizing the potential hollowing out of the Canadian drug market if the US is allowed to start ordering prescription drugs en masse, some Canadian pharmacies are going to start rejecting bulk orders.

Why politicians think a country of 31 million people that has price controls on pharmaceuticals has enough excess drugs just sitting around that the US can start shopping like Paris Hilton on a bender is beyond me. I'd consider this a smart move on the part of these pharmacies. On the other hand, of course, this just means that those pharmacies that will sell to the US are going to be able to demand higher prices. If enough places adopt the no sales policy (to swing once again the other direction), the prices for those drugs that are available may rise to near-US levels, eroding the benefit. (Does anyone know if the price controls in Canada apply to international sales? I couldn't find anything in a quick search.)

For more on the reactions to the greater outcry for reimportation, see this excellent NYT piece.


This is from the Patent Medicine Review Board's website:

What type of medicine does the PMPRB regulate?

The PMPRB regulates the manufacturers' prices of patented medicines sold in Canada to ensure that they are not excessive. The regulation of the medicine for safety and efficacy is the responsibility of the Department of Health under the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations.

The PMPRB reviews the "factory-gate" price, i.e. the price at which the manufacturer sells the patented medicine to wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies. The PMPRB does not have jurisdiction over prices charged by wholesalers or retailers nor over pharmacists' professional fees.

The PMPRB regulates the price of each patented drug product, including each strength of each dosage form of a patented medicine. This is normally the level at which Health Canada assigns a Drug Identification Number.

The PMPRB's jurisdiction includes patented medicines marketed or distributed under voluntary licenses.

Thanks for the info.

Some of the "canadian" drug sellers also ask for permission to source orders from the UK, Israel, and Australia.


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