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Thanks to the Iraqi Dinar speculators, T&B just had its 100,000th visitor.


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Iraq sites on tremendous oil reserves and economy will be growing. Read More


I haven't posted in a while.

So Here's a Doozie!

There is a movie comming out this
weekend that is a very positive and
incredible piece that was produced
by two MTV producers.

They took 400 video cameras to IRAQ
and gave them to the people there and
asked them to make movies about their life.

They were blown away by what they found.
They expected to emphasize why America should
not be there. What they found was more than the
opposite. It is footage you will never see from the Gloom & Doom American Media.

The behind the scenes footage shot by these Iraqis is a very positive and uplifting viewpoint on how excited these people are for their coming freedoms.

For you sports fans, you may be interested in knowing
that Dallas Mavericks Owner, Mark Cuban is one of the major distribution cogs for this picture.

For those of you who have already invested in IRAQ,you'll be especially excited about this movie.

The movie is called "VOICES OF IRAQ"

It's ashamed that it wasn't released earlier in the political campaign!


Why is there no recent talk about buying the dinar? All of the dinar forums have old posts....what's the deal? tia


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