Government Gets Out of the Way (A Little)

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Note that governments can do sensible things. In the wake of the devastation wrought by serial hurricaines, the executive government of Florida is relaxing government licensing requirements for specialty building contractors:

Spearheaded by the Florida Home Builders Association, the executive order temporarily alters contractor licensing regulations in order to keep the state's home-building industry on track. The goal, says Edie Ousley, FHBA's director of public affairs, is to provide qualified labor and quality materials to begin the rebuilding process in regions hit hard by the hurricanes.

"We're thankful that the governor issued this order allowing out-of-state, licensed contractors to help with re-roofing homes in Florida," says Ousley. She adds that the FHBA will be "monitoring the rebuilding efforts very closely" over the next few months.

In other words, this requires local governments to get out of the way of contractors licensed elsewhere. Can all of us (who are not locally-licensed Fla. contractors!) agree that this is good policy? Should it be extended beyond the emergency period?

The full text of the executive order is here.

1 Comment

Does anybody have any data on how much the many presidential photo oportunites in Fl have costs and how badly they have diverted resources from rebuilding and recovery.


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