Simplify Your Life


Spending more than you earn? Want to cut down those expenses?

Simplify Your Life, a blog written by a BA in Economics and Business, presents expense-saving tips ranging from the obvious to the drastic--from disconnecting cable TV to selling your car and riding mass transit. From the FAQ:

Why does this blog exist?

It's quite simple, really. I've made a lot of mistakes, learned from them, and would like to share what knowledge I've acquired.

A lot of the tips in this blog will be so common-sensical you would think someone would have to be stupid not to know them. Well, at one point I was likely stupid enough to make that mistake myself, so I won't cast judgements on others. I'm sure plenty of people have made the same mistakes I have.


And how does limiting my mobility and employment options to places reachable by mass transit simplify my life?


Becoming dependent on public transport ain't for everyone. But aren't there people calling for fewer consumer options, since they perceive that we're overwhelmed by capitalist success? Selling your car is an effective and voluntary way to restrict consumer, labor, and recreation options.

Well, as somebody who has gone through at least once every action the blog recommended, I can say that you save money, but spend more in other areas.

1. While living in San Francisco, I once cancelled my cable service to save money and used the local library as the main source of entertainment. In fact, I actually tried to go without a T.V. a few years later. I found that I ended up spending money in other ways. Cable T.V. is cheap entertainment compared to going out where you'll likely spend the equivalent of a cable bill for just one night out of thirty. If you get really bored you go out and spend money. I don't watch the networks so cable is a must for me

2. The car thing. My car died last fall and I decided to for go getting another one. You save money as he describes, but spend more on eating out and pay higher grocery prices if all you have close by is a mini-mart. A cheaper grocer is a hike for me and the bus isn't that much of a help. The biggest factor is the extra time it takes to get anywhere. This is isn't as big a factor for me since I have a lot of it, but if I tried this with a full-time job, it could be difficult. It sucks to get home and realize there is nothing to eat, but I'm across the street from a dozen various eating establishments. Oh yeah, even with all this walking, I'm still fat.

3. Unless I can afford a gardner and pool man, I will only live in a condo. I would really like to get a maid right now.

4. The cell phone thing is true to an extent, but I got rid of my landline.

I make much of my living helping people simplify their lives. It brings me great satisfaction and I feel that it is important work. My suggestion: observe your life and then decide what will be ONE good way for you to simplify. Sometimes one little step creates big ripples... Wishing you simply the best.


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