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Via Jeff Jarvis comes Bill Quick's SF Real Estate Blog. It's concerned with real estate in general, as well as the SF market. Check out this post about real estate blogs in general:

If news (as dispensed by the blogosphere) is a conversation, as Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine claims, then we in the real estate fields should be natural participants in the ongoing chatter among ourselves, our clients, and our vast information resources. Blogs are the best way I know of to start - or take part - in that conversation.
Any resource that helps people understand the rules and responsibility of acquiring, owning, and dispensing with property gets my approval.


Luckily, chatter among real estate agents in the blogsphere is growing on a daily basis.


Clarkston Washington has something to offer everyone with sports, business, restaurants, indoor and outdoor entertainment, recreation opportunities and an exciting nightlife. Learn more about Clarkston Washington’s activities and events and consider making your next real estate transaction in this thriving area today.

Anything that promotes professional communication and disseminating information about the market and particular properties is excellent. After all, real estate is about pairing up those with a specific desire to a property that happens to be available when their ready to make the move. i.e. timing and opportunity.


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