Another Depression?


This Morning, NBC Today had a report on the US economy--that is, the bad economic news of skyrocketing prices!

But first, one reporter stated that everywhere you turn is good economic news. (Apparently he hadn't heard about this summary from Media Tenor showing economic news as falling off the radar as the economy has improved).

Trying to create tension, the reporter noted the positive news--that the number of jobs in the United States has risen by 1 million, but this positive spin was only a backdrop for the recent bad news--higher (yet recently decreasing) prices for milk, gasoline, and other items that clearly are hurting some.

But instead of saying how the high CPI has risen compared to how high wage indices have risen, this reporter pounds the pavement. Most notable was an interview with a systems analyst who has "no faith" in the economy, and a another woman who, although she has "never lived through a depression", believes the current state of the economy is close to one!

The reporter counters that the statistics say otherwise, but actually treats this woman's blather as something worth taking seriously.

Frankly, this woman is off her rocker! Apparently sitting in a cafe and wearing fasionable eyeglasses has somehow led her to believe that the entire middle class--over a hundred million other people she cannot possibly know anything about from personal obervation--"can't afford to do anything" and is becoming lower class.

Why did I even expect insightful economic news from Today? Really sloppy.


Sweetie, it's not economic news. It's political advertisement. (You did know that, right?)

Hehehe, that's why I don't watch the news!

From Andrew's site:

"The truth is that the conservatives are fascists - they want to control every aspect of this nation as Hitler did. They want to take away your democratic rights, destroy the environment in the name of profit, push the cost of labor down and suppress the poor and underprivileged in this country through regressive taxation and media dominance."

So, where are you getting your news? I suggest Andrew, that you expand your information sources before you get out of school. The real world is a most awesome foolkiller.

Gentle guidance offered to someone who may be salvageable.


Of course, it's very similar to official political advertisement. Much "economic" news is like official political advertisements in their banality and lifelessness, as well as their use of nasty hidden connotations.

But I'm weary of debasing product advertisers by comparing them with politicos--including "economic" news reporters. Product advertisers frequently display ingenious artistry and convey a brilliant or humorous message in 15 or 30 seconds--something I almost never seen in politics of any sort.



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