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Some personal blogging. Today is my day to read voraciously and write my dissertation; however, the local library doesn't open until 1 PM.

So I left wife and child home, and took the increasingly beat-up Hyundai Elantra to Panera Bread a mile down the road; this Panera is huge, smells pleasant, has comfortable chairs, is only 30% full, and plays classical music at a loud enough volume to drown out any silly conversations. For $1.50, I got a hazelnut coffee, a well lit table in a corner, and blazingly fast and free wireless internet access.

I see another laptop user is going for (unauthorized?) free refills on coffee.

I just realized that my laptop has a higher resale value than my automobile, that I should be reading about economic statistics, and that no matter how hard I try, I cannot stop thinking in the economic way.

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Thats okay, another econ major and I were deciding if we should pay the $5 cover charge at our local pub, for 'free' beer until 1 am. He mentioned the opportunity costs of the wait in line for service, and I mentioned the shortages caused by the zero marginal cost of one more beer.


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