Help Increase my Marginal Product!


My marginal and total products have been decreasing in practically every task lately--in particular at my paid job. Some people would call it a bad slump; I call it a dangerous one.

I know I'm overextending myself with the job, baby, dissertation, and blogs, but I find myself unwilling to lower voluntarily my committment to any of them. Hence, economic law has stepped in, and nature is lowering my productivity at all of them--except perhaps the routine tasks and pleasures of taking care of a baby.

This is most dangerous at work, where I used to pride myself on productivity and achievement--leaving me ample time for the grad school coursework and blogging. But now I find myself wasting more and more time every day, and I'm getting further behind.

Hence, expect my posting to be pulsating and bizarre for the next two weeks or so, as I try out various work/home schedules, so that I may once again try to write a dissertation without quitting my job, or driving my wife nuts, or never seeing my son.

Also, I'd like for your assistance in my quest for a higher marginal product. Truck and Barter could use an additional blogger or two. If you'd like to blog about economics on T&B, email me. Novices welcome. Experts will be given a laurel and hardy handshake. I'll even give you an email account, if you want.


Question: Apart from being an "economics blog", does T&B have a manifesto of some sort? That is, what is T&B about? Why does it exist? Are there specific areas in which T&B desires its bloggers to blog (or to stay away from), or is this left to the whim and caprice of the individual bloggers?

Just curious. Keep it up, man. But keep the fam' first.

T&B started as my thoughts about economics; I'm in a Ph.D. program in economics, and thought it would be both useful and fun.

A manifesto--I'm not qualified to write such a thing. The closest thing that comes to a manifesto is the subtitle. I found out in college that sympathy and hedonism collided all the time in my ethical and political beliefs. Little did I realize how fundamental these two concepts were until I saw them once again studying economics...

A while back I thought I'd experiment by inviting others--anybody who asked--to join me in blogging about economics. They write what they want, subject only to not making me liable for criminal or civil damages. This implies everybody will use good judgement.

There are no ideological reuquirements to blogging at T&B, and I don't edit anybody's posts except for formatting. People who blog at T&B self-select, so that our content fits well together.

I've never met any of the other bloggers in person, and exchange email with them infrequently.


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