I've finally learned how to translate Consumerist posts. Which Restaurants Are Making Your Kids Fat? should read You Are Making Your Kids Fat.

Yes, nutrition policy advocacy does address some very complicated issues. But how many times do we need to be told that empty carbs coated in trans-fats are at all healthy? I'm thinking ten, maybe twenty, tops.

So lets move on. As a public service, I should like to remind you:

CSPI is pursuing its own interest...

CSPI is pursuing its own interest...

CSPI is pursuing its own interest...

This repetition should be tautological, but needless it isn't.

For CSPI, our public health problems stem from public ignorance of what one should eat and indifference to what is in the standard American diet, combined with corporate shenanigans destroying the food chain. The poor health of the masses is the result of too little government power, control and funding. It's a tremendous government failure that can only be resolved by wise intervention.

Hence, CSPI advocates several policy changes: food control in schools, advertising restriction, mandatory nutrition labeling in eateries, and, of course, lots of money for health education and policy research.

That last one should generate a little skepticism about the objectivity of this organization, and the policies its members advocate.

But does it?


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