Counting Calories for Mr. Popcorn

The man told Dr. Rose that he had eaten microwave popcorn at least twice a day for more than 10 years....

She asked the man to stop eating microwave popcorn.....

Six months later, the man has lost 50 pounds...

Mr. Popcorn's 50 lb weight loss is entirely reasonable, given that he was obese to begin with.

From a strict caloric intake point of view, if he abstained from 2 bags of popcorn for 180 days, and did not change his diet or energy output in any other way, he would have eaten roughly (180 days)*(2 bags/day)*(480 calories per bag) 172,800 fewer calories over 6 months.

At 3500 calories per pound of body fat, that translates into 172,800/3500 = 49.4 pounds of fat dropped just by kicking his two bag a day habit.


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