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Police takes over the Justice Ministry and Attorney General's Office as Attorney General Dr Hassan Saeed and Justice Minister Mohamed Jameel resigned from the government;

I have had to approach members of parliament to put forward reform bills as private members,” Dr Saeed said. “It is a very sad thing for the Attorney General’s Office to have to go to an opposition MP to pass legislation.”

Jameel said, “the President has not done enough to control extremist Islam.”

“We submitted an action plan to control religious extremism, but the President has sat on it for six months,” added Dr Saeed.

Dr. Hassan Saeed is the brother of a prominent Islamic Scholar, Professor Abdullah Saeed, Director of Centre for Study of Contemporary Islam at Melbourne University.

It is heartening to see that talented people willing to sell their integrity are becoming scarcer in the Maldives- goodluck and best wishes to the two ministers. Dr. Shaheed when are you resigning?

For Comment; The Maldivians will be going to the polls on August 18th, to decide on whether a presidential or parliamentary system is best for the country- let us hear your comments on this. Is parliamentary or presidential system the better one for a small and culturally cohesive country?

Voters Uninformed Ahead Of Referendum;

Concerns are growing about the lack of information available to Maldivians ahead of the country’s August 18 constitutional referendum. Campaign observers are reporting most voters lack basic knowledge of a presidential or parliamentary system, while many are even unaware a referendum will be taking place on August 18

Caught In The Act: Lawyers Witness Police Beating Detainee
Another Child Abuser Banished

Government Drug Rehabilitation Programme In Tatters;

Diameri, a company owned by American self-help guru Terence T Gorski and Maldivians Mohamed Fahmi and Dr Mohamed Shafiu, was expected to take over the government’s two rehabilitation facilities, a centre on Himmafushi in North Male’ atoll and a half-way house in Malé. But after nine months of preliminary work and consultation, the government has decided not to offer a contract.

First Female Judges Appointed
Prison: More profitable than running a resort
"Bill Of Rights" Hit By 300 Amendments
Parliament not a rubber stamp legislature of the President anymore

Foreign Minister Outrages Parliament;

Comments made by Dr Shaheed criticising parliament, have been seized on by opposition politicians to gather support for a no confidence motion in the Foreign Minister.

Last week Dr Shaheed told journalists “over the past forty years the Majlis [parliament] has failed to protect people’s rights.” The Speaker of the People’s Majlis has since rejected the comments, and opposition MPs have called for “steps to be taken.”


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