This and That

Some articles worth reading;

The Great Liberator- Lawrence Summers on Freidman
On Milton Friedman's Ideas—BECKER
Milton Friedman's Case- Arnold Kling

The Young Economist by Lizbeth Scordo
Three Things You Don't Know About Aids In Africa by Emily Oster
Methodology Matters by Edward L. Glaeser
Economics focus- Third thoughts on foreign capital

How last century's money wars may lead to healthcare, pension reform
Managing Change; Is the Penny Worth Keeping?
The Flintstone EffectTracing wealth back to the Stone Age by Joel Waldfogel
My Boss Is 65 and Pregnant; How fertility advances could allow women to take over the boardroom By Tim Harford

The New Baby Boomers by Francois Bourguignon
The Zigzag of Politics- David Warsh
DEAL SWEETENERS- James Surowiecki
More Things Economists Don't Say

Patriots vs. Redskins
Beyond Insurance: Weighing the Benefits of Driving vs. the Total Costs of Driving- VARIAN
Want world peace? Support free trade. By Donald J. Boudreaux
The Undercover Economist: Round numbers By Tim Harford

Who's Counting: Which 'Experts' Make Better Political Predictions?
Grading the Pollsters
Why the successful prefer being average to extreme
America’s Anti-Environmentalists

It's time for truth in property taxation
The Social Responsibility in Teaching Sociobiology
Tracing the divine obsession; Also known as `the game of games,' chess has seduced kings and queens, beggars and madmen for 1,500 years.
When Legal Meets Marketing

How the Web Prevents Rape
Murphy’s law
What did Descartes really know?


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