Podcasts- Intelligent Design, God and Style

Intelligent Design

Richard Dawkins and God

Dawkins debate about Altruism

Virginia Postrel on Style

Nature and Religion
Marine scientist Walter Stark, a pioneer of coral reef research who believes the modern view of nature is religious. It holds that nature is pure and perfect, while humans are separate and soiled. He argues that urban Australians' view of nature is problem-obsessed, because problems offer magnificent opportunities to politicians, academics, the media, and of course professional activists

A new branch of moral philosophy

Nick Drayson is a zoologist and a spinner of yarns. His outrageous book, Confessing a Murder, explains the stunning coincidence of Wallace and Darwin 'discovering' natural selection. Now he is in search of platypus memorabilia for the National Museum in Canberra.

Moral Minds: The Evolution of Human Morality

Sex, Drugs and Economics

Note; A lot of these podcasts are available for limited time, so download now.


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