Podcast of the Day- Islamic Finance for US

Marc Chandler, global head of currency strategy at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., talks about opportunities in Islamic finance and the outlook for the U.S. dollar and euro (Bloomberg podcast).

Britain can be gateway to Islamic finance- Gordon Brown (earlier post)
The State of Islamic Finance in Australia
Short Selling and the Travesty of Islamic Finance

Cayman Islands Emerge As Leading Islamic Finance Domicile
Islamic Finance podcast
Fund for Shariah Scholars in Islamic Finance
Islamic Finance isn’t Islamic

Islamic Finance (World Bank portal on the topic)

Popularity Of Islamic Finance Market On The Rise
“Not surprisingly, the jump in popularity of sukuks has drawn the interest of institutions outside the Middle East.Two years ago, the German state of Saxony Anhalt sold the first sukuk from the West. IFC is the first supranational to issue Islamic securities in the Malaysian market, and the first supranational to issue domestic Islamic bonds in any market”
Islamic Banking (transcript of a program at Radio National)
Two stories on Islamic Finance

Blogs related to Islamic Economics and Finance; Islamic Finance Blog, Islam and Economics

Bibliography on Islamic Banking

Working Papers
Corporate governance in institutions offering Islamic financial services : issues and options
Corporate governance and stakeholders' financial interests in institutions offering Islamic financial services
Regulating Islamic financial institutions : The nature of the regulated
Mapping the possibilities for Islamic microfinance


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