How many civilians have died in Iraq?

According to Iraqi government official;

"Iraqi Health Minister Ali al-Shemari estimated Thursday that 150,000 Iraqi civilians have died in the war as he spoke to reporters in Vienna. He later said he based the figure on an estimate of 100 bodies per day brought to morgues and hospitals--though such a calculation would come out closer to 130,000. However, the head of Baghdad's central morgue said his facility alone was receiving about 60 bodies a day as a result of violence."

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On Whose Authority
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Drowning by Numbers
Estimating Iraq deaths using survey sampling

Reality checks: some responses to the latest Lancet estimates
Tyler Cowen on the Lancet study
Daniel Drezner on the study

Further readings on the Iraqi excess deaths study
Dangerous Statistics: Estimating Civilian Losses in Afghanistan
Iraqi Death Toll Exceeds 600,000, Study Estimates

Home Fronts: Iraq (podcast)
Terry Lane talks to Patrick Cockburn and Zaki Chehab, two journalists who have recently published books about Iraq-Patrick Cockburn,Middle East correspondent for The Independent and Zaki Chehab, London Bureau Chief, Al Hayat-LBC TV

Iraq’s healthcare system rapidly deteriorating
Sex traffickers target women in war-torn Iraq
Paintings of Abu Ghraib shunned in US

*FERNANDO BOTERO painting on Abu Ghuraib above


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