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“Haiti’s income distribution is among the world’s most inequitable with a Gini coefficient of 0.66. Nearly half of Haiti’s households are trapped in absolute poverty and live on less than a dollar a day. Social indicators such as literacy, life expectancy, infant mortality, and child malnutrition show that poverty is extensive. About 40 percent of people cannot read and write; some 20 percent of children suffer from malnutrition; nearly half the population has no access to healthcare; and more than four-fifths have no clean drinking water. However, indicators suggest that non-income poverty has declined in recent years. Access to assets such as education, infrastructure, and basic services is highly unequal and strongly associated with poverty.”

Source; En Breve No. 94 - Social Resilience and State Fragility in Haiti: Breaking the Conflict-Poverty Trap (NewsletterIssue), World Bank

Online game about struggling to survive in Haiti-
Have a look at the comment made by one;
"What an interesting concept! Though, the game is amazingly difficult... Is it really this tough out there in the developing world?

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