"Businesses" Against The Virginia Marriage Amendment

Dewita Soeharjono, Northern Virginia real estate blogger, holds to the professional line: a vote for the marriage amendment is a vote against business:

It challenges the validity of any contracts between non-spousal, for example in case of buying a home, contracts between sisters, parents and children etc....

So, vote "NO" to Virginia proposed constitutional marriage amendment (Ballot Question Number 1).

UPDATE: By a count of 1,321,177 to 999,854, the voters of Virginia have passed the VMA. Voting no were the majorities of only two of eleven districts, the 3rd (Richmond, Newport News, and Portsmouth) and 8th (immediate DC suburbs).

The self-interest component is obvious for businesses that utilize complex contracts, and many of the bigger ones have joined The Commonwealth Coalition, which opposes the amendment.

What's striking about TCC's list of business member organizations is the limited lack of direct benefit many will receive if the measure fails. What will landscapers,a book seller, garden centers, a bed and breakfast, a printer, a salon, a wine cellar, a PR firm, and a car dealer gain from the failure to pass the VMA? Clearly, some or all of these firms are small shops in which the "firm" supports the coalition because of the owners' personal views. That is definitely the case for the counseling service firms that are members. This massage therapist even replaced the usual website content with a plea to vote no.

But several of the businesses have real estate ties -- including property management firms and law firms. Interestingly, a large technology consultancy has joined, as well.


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