Assorted and Interesting

Economics: The Invisible Hand of the Market
Dasgupta on the Stern Review
A Cool Calculus of Global Warming by Joseph E. Stiglitz
A call to arms- Anthony Giddens
Should Congress Raise the Federal Minimum Wage?—Posner
Iraq in Fragments (from the latest Foreign Exchange show)

Fed Chairman’s Daybook
A giant's strength is valuable - if not used like a giant by John Kay
Ivy League Investors by Robert Schiller
Globalization Makes an Easy Scapegoat by Robert Samuelson
Making fine distinctions in understanding hereditability of attitudes
What We Learn When We Learn Economics

Why Oh Why Can’t We Have Better Economists?
Can foreign aid work?
Are Husbands really like potatoes?
Settling the New Continent by David Warsh
Syntax and flow

Getting it Wrong by David Friedman
Was Friedman a "Great Conservative Partisan"?
Milton Friedman: The Methodology of Positive Economics
Friedman On Growth Measurements and Immigration
The fading of Friedman by Paul Ormerod

European Cities Do Away with Traffic Signs
Secrets of the Cave Paintings
How I learnt to walk tall at 5ft 5in
The Paradox of Military Technology
Velvet Revolution in Iran?
Less Faith, More Reason by Steven Pinker
Mahfouz’s grave, Arab liberalism’s deathbed
Free Speech, Israel, and Jewish Illiberalism
The Myth of Thomas Szasz
Mirror, Mirror
Evidence that psychology, like biology, is conserved between human and nonhuman species augurs a shake-up for science and society
Conspicuous Proliferation
Just their type
Our appetite for literary gossip is insatiable, but great writers aren’t mere fly-by-night celebs, argues Bryan Appleyard
Bush, Maliki, and Lots of Questions
What is a Civil War?
Henry Kissinger says what he means, whatever that means


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