Second Life: Creative Collaboration Tool

Despite posting about the things fairly regularly, I don't actually play any of those "massively multiplayer online role-playing games" (MMORPG). But having been in the advertising industry for a while, I still have a fondness for really well executed ads. I used to read the Communication Arts advertising annual for inspiration. So the news that Leo Burnett has opened an online shop in Second Life to highlight creative work and allow creators around the world to mingle might actually get me to see what the game is all about.

While I think calling World of Warcraft the new golf goes WAY too far (honestly, the biggest use of email is still to set up face-to-face meetings), I think there might be some movement towards using these persistent realms to collaborate, hold meetings, etc. Compare the interface and experience to the horrendous video-conferencing we still live with, and I think people might be far more comfortable just monitoring an online room for attendees than herding into a conference room to squint at each other as they try to figure out who's talking.


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