Your Guide to Getting an Electric Shock

Editor of the Philadelphia Weekly and mental health campaigner Liz Spikol, is you-tubeing about her experiences with mental health. (via Mind Hacks)

The statistics are quite alarming;

“A recent survey estimated that nearly half of all Americans will suffer a mental illness during their lifetimes. Harvard Medical School professor of health policy Ronald Kessler headed the two-year study, which polled 9,000 adults across the country, varying in age, education level, and marital status. Researchers conducted home-based, face-to-face interviews, using the World Health Organization’s (WHO) diagnostic mental-health survey. They found that 29 percent of people experience some form of anxiety disorder, closely followed by impulse-control disorders (25 percent) and mood disorders (20 percent). Most cases begin in adolescence or early adulthood, and often, more than one disorder will strike simultaneously.”


Two recent podcasts from the Health Report;

Only one in two patients receives the healthcare they should receive according to the evidence. One in ten patients receives care that isn't recommended and which is potentially harmful. In the first part of this series about getting health professionals to practice with evidence, Associate Professor Alex Barratt takes a close look at the catastrophic errors that have occurred when evidence has been ignored, and why evidence based practice is still not being implemented in consultation rooms near you. Listen to the podcast.

In part two of Facing the Evidence patient advocates argue that we all have a role in supporting the change to evidence based health care, so we get the care we need and we don't get treatment that's useless or dangerous. Patient advocates explain how to ask your doctor or health professional for evidence about your proposed treatment.


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