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sexdrugsecon.bmpSteven Levitt and Malcolm Gladwell at TED

Economics of Paternalism- Edward Gleaser (at Econ Talk)


John Quiggin at Business Matters

The greatest gift
Donating your body, or the body of a child, to medical research is a great gift to mankind. Most of you can be recycled: your eyes, your skin, your bone or even a little piece of your heart. Now they want to grind your bones for surgical putty. Then, your dead bits will be helping a biotech company's bottomline too. Can altruism and commerce live side-by-side when it comes to giving "the greatest gift of all"?

Dr. Diane Coyle discusses with James Reese several of her books and her recent research on mobile phones in Africa. Books include Paradoxes of Prosperity, The Weightless World and her bestseller Sex, Drugs and Economics. The Soulful Science will be published by Princeton University Press in spring 2007. Listen to the podcast.

See also her book recommendations


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