Belgian court fines Google

A ridiculous ruling;

“Google has been told by a Belgian court that its news service is in breach of the copyright of a group of local newspapers, in a surprise ruling that goes against existing global practice. The verdict meant that Google was forced to remove links to articles in French-language newspapers in Belgium over the weekend to avoid a €1 million (£675,000) daily fine.

The court decided that the way in which Google News operates “causes the publishers of the daily press to lose control of their websites and their contents”. However, Google said that it intended to appeal against what it described as “flawed” decision that would force it to close its news service if it was repeated elsewhere. It said that the Belgian legal action caught it unawares…”

Via AEI-Brookings’ Daily Reg-Report

Here is the actual ruling
Google's Belgium Fight: Show Me The Money, Not The Opt-Out, Say Publishers
Google could face Brazil lawsuit


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