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Some articles worth reading;

Don’t box yourself in when making decisions by John Kay

“For people in business and in financial services it might be a disturbing conclusion, but even in very simple cases, it is impossible to be certain that a particular mathematical representation of a real problem is a correct description.”

Tourists tell Britain: you’re a rip-off

Forget the World Bank, Try Wal-Mart

The American Standard of Whining by Virginia Postrel

Airports debacle worsened by greed and neglect by Joseph Stiglitz

Seven Questions: Somalia’s Struggle

Multiculturalism: unfolding tragedy of two confusions By Amartya Sen

"The history of multiculturalism offers a telling example of how bad reasoning can tie people up in terrible knots of their own making. The importance of cultural freedom, central to the dignity of all people, must be distinguished from the celebration and championing of every form of cultural inheritance, irrespective of whether the people involved would choose those particular practices given the opportunity of critical scrutiny, and given an adequate knowledge of other options and of the choices that actually exist in the society in which they live. The demands of cultural freedom include, among other priorities, the task of resisting the automatic endorsement of past traditions, when people – not excluding young people – see reason for changing their ways of living."


The Preservation Paradox By Tim Harford

Iraq Runneth Over What Next? By Daniel L. Byman and Kenneth M. Pollack

"The debate is over: By any definition, Iraq is in a state of civil war. Indeed, the only thing standing between Iraq and a descent into total Bosnia-like devastation is 135,000 U.S. troops -- and even they are merely slowing the fall. The internecine conflict could easily spiral into one that threatens not only Iraq but also its neighbors throughout the oil-rich Persian Gulf region with instability, turmoil and war."

Most Expensive Rental Markets In America 2006
"As in 2005 (see " Most Expensive Rental Markets In America 2005"), the New York metropolitan area, which includes New York City and its surrounding counties, topped our list, with an average price of more than $27 per square foot for a high-end apartment.

In Manhattan specifically, the average rent came in at a whopping $48.33 per square foot--an estimate supported by July figures from Citi Habitats, a New York City-area real estate agency. The median monthly rent for a studio apartment in Manhattan is more than $1,900, according to Citi Habitats. If it's a three-bedroom spread that you're after, prepare to fork over somewhere in the neighborhood of $5,000."

Housing prices

The Fame Motive

Personality Traits of the Best Software Developers

Writing about your relationship could help it last

The Female Brain By Louann Brizendine-Chapter One
The Birth of the Female Brain

On the Web, Pedophiles Extend Their Reach

Sane Mutiny: The Coming Populist Revolt


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