Inauthentic Paper Detector

Can’t guarantee the authenticity of the following Inauthentic Paper Detector from Indiana University School of Informatics. According to the site;

“This web site is intended for detecting whether a technical document is human written and authentic or not. Predictions may work for documents intended for entertainment (novels, news articles etc.). The main purpose of this software is to detect whether a technical document conforms to the statistical standards of an expository text. You can easily take a human written technical document and add some nonsense text somewhere in the middle, or paste a document generated by an automatic paper generator. We are trying to detect new, machine written texts that are simply generated not to have any meaning, yet appear to have meaning on the surface.”

I tested George Orwell’s essay Politics and the English Language; the result “This text had been classified as INAUTHENTIC with a 17.7% chance of being authentic text”.

(via Improbable Research)


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