Thought of the Day- Building Walls

“We live in a new age of globalization where everything and everyone move everywhere, right? Well not exactly; governments around the world are putting up barriers these days to stop people. The United States Senate has approved a triple-layered set of fences, snaking along for 370 miles, plus an additional 500 miles of vehicle barriers--all to keep Mexicans out. Tiny Botswana has just built a wall to stop people from Zimbabwe from flooding in. Israel is famously separating itself from the lands where most Palestinians live--something that has produced a dramatic drop in terrorism. The Indian army, impressed by this success, has now built a similar fence along its line of control in the disputed region of Kashmir. Saudi Arabia is currently building a wall to stop poor Yemenites sneaking across the desert sands. So when you next hear that we live in a borderless era, remember that it may be true for goods and capital but it is not true for people.”

Fareed Zakaria, in the latest show of Foreign Exchange


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