The Big Bang to MS Office

PC Magazine has a review of the Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 2 version, one of features being a blogging tool for MS Word;

“Like Google's free Blogger for Word add-in, Office's equivalent new feature works with Blogger, but it also works, of course, with Microsoft's own blogging services. You use the File/New menu to open a new blog entry; specify your blog service, username, and password, and then create a new entry or download existing ones for editing.”

Edward Tufte might faint after seeing the chart in the figure as an example of good graphing feature of the Excel 2007.

Related Links;

- Go for a video tour of the new interface. Some ‘official’ blogs covering it; Jense Harris and Microsoft Excel 2007. The talk is more about focusing on results.

- Junk Chart have more some of the new graph features in Excel.

- J-Walk Blog; Those who will have the most difficulty adapting are the great masses of office workers who have learned how to perform a dozen or so common tasks in Excel or Word, and they do them day after day. These people, for the most part, will experience serious frustration. In many cases, these workers don't even look at the "big picture." Rather, their task is broken down into a series of very specific steps that they've learned over the years. What happens when those steps no longer work? …There are millions of customized Office apps in use that use toolbars and/or custom menus. If you load such a file in Office 2007, your familiar menu modifications and toolbars do not appear. Well, they are still there, but the user must know to click the Add-Ins tab. Then, all of the toolbars and menu modifications are visible, stuffed into a single unorganized chunk. Toolbars are no longer free-floating, and you may need to do some serious scrolling to even find the toolbar button you're looking for. And once a toolbar is displayed, there's no way to hide it.


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