Podcast of the Day- The Nanny Nation

A discussion about the proliferation of state regulation. Can't eat this, can't stand there, can't say that. Is the state meant to decide it all for us? Are we handing over too much, too willingly or are we happy having a big nanny? Participated by the following;

Ross Homel; Head of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Griffith University; Homel's 'Pathways to Prevention' work won the 2004 National Violence Prevention Award.
Elspeth Probyn; Chair of Gender and Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney; columnist with The Australian newspaper; author of 'Blush: Faces of Shame, Sexing the Self and Carnal Appetites'.
Andrew Leigh; Lawyer, political adviser, author, economist; currently with the Research School of Social Sciences, ANU; co-author of 'Imagining Australia: Ideas for Our Future'

I liked the suggestion made by one questioner that we have to pass a law making common sense compulsory.


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As if children mattered …I can do no better here than to summarise some of the key points that the famous American developmental psychologist Urie Bronfenbrenner made in a lecture I heard him give in Sydney exactly 25 years ago – a quarter century ago, but with ideas and research findings as applicable today as they were then.

Michael Burleigh on Political Religion; Nazism, Communism and even the French Revolution are clear examples of political movements that aroused 'religious' zeal and made absolutist claims. English historian Michael Burleigh is a critic of extremist movements of the Right and the Left and he joins Rachael Kohn to discuss political religion. Recorded at the 2006 Sydney Writers Festival.

Drug regulation and drug safety; Today a special feature about the regulation of drugs and drug safety. We'll hear from two leading critics of the American system, particularly how the US Food and Drug Administration approves new drugs for release. Norman Swan also talks with an Australian expert about the situation here in this country.


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